Power Generator for Deutsche Bahn traffic lights and barriers


Deutsche Bahn AG



Deutsche Bahn relies on Sunfire-Remote. Since 2017, our power generators have been supplying systems for traffic lights and barriers at level crossings. They take over the hard work that used to be done by maintenance work. Nowadays, the level crossings can be monitored remotely.


Deutsche Bahn has been relying on Sunfire Remote since 2017 to supply systems for traffic lights and barriers at level crossings. These systems take over tasks that were previously performed by workers. Today, the level crossings can be monitored remotely, which significantly improves safety and efficiency.


Deutsche Bahn uses the versatile application possibilities of our power generators. Our customer combines Sunfire Remote with photovoltaic systems and renewable energy sources. While solar energy is sufficient to supply the necessary energy in the summer months, fuel cells take over the power supply in the dark winter months.


The challenges of minimizing downtime and the associated risks to human life with a reliable technical solution have been successfully mastered. Instead of physical work, we now focus on technical solutions. The hybrid design extends fuel cell life and reduces fuel consumption. Remote monitoring of system parameters, fuel level and battery charge enables efficient maintenance and operational monitoring.

Unsere Referenzprojekte zeigen, wie wir die Bahnsicherheit in Zusammenarbeit mit der Deutschen Bahn durch den Einsatz von Sunfire-Remote verbessern. Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere innovativen Lösungen und wie sie die Effizienz und Sicherheit Ihrer Bahninfrastruktur steigern können. Contact us for more information to our environmentally friendly technologies.

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