Clean power at Mount Everest Base Camp


Furtenbach Abenteuer GmbH


Mount Everest Base Camp

In 2018, our fuel cells rose to great heights.. For an entire season, they supplied power to Mount Everest Base Camp. As the Himalayas are a sensitive environment, our customer required a sustainable solution to replace a diesel generator.

Die beiden Einheiten von Sunfire-Remote 400 mussten für den Betrieb in 5 150 Metern Höhe angepasst werden. Integriert mit Batterien und einem Wechselrichter in einer stabilen Aluminium-Transportbox lieferten sie Energie für eine medizinische Sauna.

Selbst in 5 000 Metern Höhe überzeugt Sunfire-Remote with simplicity: The power generator is currently approved and certified for operation with propane and natural gas. You can obtain the required LPG at any gas station, hardware store or from your LPG supplier.


Extreme environmental conditions, demanding logistics


1. low fuel consumption due to high efficiency
2. use of readily available fuels, compact units facilitate transportation.
3. Niedriger Geräuschpegel und geringe Emissionen


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