Robust, off-grid power supply for a telecommunications station in Alaska


Leading U.S. telecom network operator



The Sunfire remote propane fuel cells are a mature solution. Since 2014, they have proven their reliable operation even in harsh environmental conditions. The possibility of remote monitoring and control as well as the combinability with photovoltaics for effective power supply in the summer months make this solution the first choice for our customer.

Microwave radio stations ensure that even the most remote areas of Alaska are supplied with telephone and broadband Internet services. In the past, problems arose with the power supply for these applications. Thermoelectric generators repeatedly proved inefficient, while fuel cells did not always work reliably. As a result, the leading U.S. grid operator opted for a long-term solution with Sunfire-Remote in 2019.


The station can be reached only by helicopter. Limited accessibility in winter. Rough climate with frequent weather changes. Temperatures from -30 °C to + +35 °C. High humidity.


  1. remote control and monitoring
  2. fewer service flights
  3. easy commissioning and operation
  4. efficient power generation
  5. reduced fuel consumption

Sunfire-Remote has already supplied a double-digit number of Sunfire-Remote units to power radio relay stations in Alaska during the winter. In the summer, photovoltaic panels provide the necessary energy. This solution is not only environmentally friendly. The effective combination of power generators also extends the service life of the fuel cells.



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