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The VIMTEC mobile security unit offers building owners effective protection against theft and vandalism. With state-of-the-art video analysis and artificial intelligence (AI), it provides advanced surveillance. The self-sufficient solution is multi-purpose and environmentally friendly due to a long-lasting fuel cell, combined with solar. With numerous exciting features, including person approach, security service and app control, you are always in control of your construction site.


Securing construction sites against theft and vandalism is a key challenge for builders. Conventional security systems often reach their limits, as they are not always flexible, environmentally friendly and self-sufficient. An effective solution is therefore required that meets the specific requirements of a construction site while using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies.


The mobile VIMTEC guarding unit offers a variety of advantages that will delight building owners:

1. Kompatibel zu jedem Vimtec-System: The unit is versatile and can be integrated into various safety systems.

2. Volle Autarkie vom Stromnetz für 365 Tage: Thanks to an environmentally friendly propane fuel cell combined with solar power, the unit can operate self-sufficiently and reliably throughout the year.

3. Typischer Wartungsintervall von 10.000 Betriebsstunden: The high efficiency and durability of the fuel cell minimizes maintenance and maximizes uptime.


With this solution, builders can make their construction sites safe and at the same time make an important contribution to environmental protection.


The VIMTEC mobile guarding unit enables builders to effectively ensure the safety of their construction sites while reducing environmental impact. The combination of propane fuel cell and solar energy provides a reliable and sustainable power supply. Discover the VIMTEC mobile guarding unit and face the challenges with the highest level of safety and efficiency!

Learn more about this innovative solution and how it can improve your construction site safety. We have more information in a leaflet here (currently only in German version) for you.

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