Power supply for the operation of a high-pressure pipeline


Leading Russian natural gas pipeline operator


South Russia

Russia is crisscrossed by a gigantic network of pipelines. In the south of the country, Sunfire-Remote was used for several years to generate electricity for operating safe shut-off valves. The required fuel gas was supplied directly from the high-pressure pipeline.

In Russia, our power generators proved their strengths. Under extreme conditions, they reliably supplied electricity. In addition, our customers benefited from the heat generated by the fuel cells: the pipeline workers were pleased to have a warm shelter.

Sunfire-Remote is ideally suited for pipeline environments. The natural gas required for operation was obtained directly from the adjacent pipeline.


Extreme temperatures in the range of -45 °C and +40 °C. Location in winter difficult to access application.


  1. combined heat and power generation
  2. remote control
  3. minimized consumption
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