Sunfire remote in a field test by a leading telecommunications provider


Leading German telecommunications provider



The telecommunications sector is highly dependent on a flawless infrastructure at all times. Even off-grid systems such as radio repair stations must be continuously supplied with power. In the search for contemporary solutions, the industry pays attention not only to reliability and maintenance effort, but also to climate protection.


The telecommunications sector relies heavily on a continuously reliable infrastructure. Even off-grid systems such as radio repair stations require a continuous power supply. In the search for contemporary solutions, the industry not only attaches importance to reliability and ease of maintenance, but also to environmental protection.


Sunfire-Remote has demonstrated that not only can a quarter of CO₂ emissions be saved compared to diesel engines, but an additional 90% can be saved when using bio-LPG.


  1. Compared to the CO₂ emissions of grid electricity in Germany, the device was able to save 80% of the emissions.
  2. If bio-LPG is used, an additional saving of 90% of CO₂ emissions can be achieved.


Sunfire-Remote offers a sustainable power source that significantly reduces the CO₂ footprint of the telecommunications infrastructure. By choosing this solution, the industry can not only ensure a reliable power supply, but also make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Learn more about our environmentally friendly fuel cell solutions and how they can improve the operation of your telecommunications infrastructure. Contact us for more information to our innovative technology.

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