Sunfire remote hybrid charging station powers e-bikes


Leffin bicycle shop



On e-bike tours, fun with like-minded people comes first. The batteries of the e-bikes are particularly challenged on off-road tours that take you over unpaved roads.



The challenge was to find an environmentally friendly and practical solution to power the e-bikes without compromising the fun and nature experiences.


In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Leffin bicycle shop wurde ein Test nahe dem Randgebiet von Neubrandenburg durchgeführt. Dabei zeigte sich, dass alle Arten von E-Bikes mithilfe unserer Hybrid-Ladestation mit sauberer Energie versorgt werden können. Dies ermöglichte es den Teilnehmern, ihre E-Bikes ohne zusätzliche Batterien zu beladen und dabei einen verantwortungsvollen Umgang mit der Natur zu gewährleisten.


The challenges, including quiet operation and respectful treatment of nature, were successfully met. The advantages of the solution are:

  1. Ballast is avoided, no need to transport additional batteries: The hybrid charging station is a practical and sustainable solution that allows participants to travel lighter and more environmentally friendly.
  2. Low emissions: The use of clean energy minimizes environmental impact and helps preserve the natural environment.
  3. Autonomy E-bikers can enjoy their tours without worrying about battery life, as the hybrid charging station provides a reliable source of power.


Learn more about sustainable energy supply for e-bike tours and how our solutions help to enable environmentally friendly adventures. Contact us for more information to our innovative charging stations.

SFFC-Fahrradhaus Leffin
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