Propane Fuel Cell runs on Mountain Top in the Rocky Mountains at 8,000 ft Elevation


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Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH and its Canadian partner Ensol Systems Inc. have successfully installed a propane-powered Sunfire-Remote 400 fuel cell generator on a remote mountaintop in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Western Canada. At an elevation of 8,000 ft (approximately 2,438 m), the system provides power during the winter months for a radio station that can only be reached on foot or by helicopter. The fuel cell ensures a reliable and cost-effective power supply even under extreme conditions with temperatures below -30 °C. This innovative project is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection as part of the Renewable Energy Solutions Program of the German Energy Solutions Initiative.


The challenge was to ensure a reliable power supply for a remote radio station on a mountain top in the Rocky Mountains. The location of the site at an elevation of 8,000 ft and extreme winter conditions with freezing winds and temperatures below -30 °C made access to the mountaintop during the winter months extremely difficult. Conventional energy sources such as solar panels were sufficient during the summer months, but lacked adequate power during the winter. A solution was urgently needed that could provide a reliable power supply regardless of weather and environmental conditions.


The decision to use the Sunfire Remote 400 fuel cell generator brought several advantages:

  1. Reliable power supply: The fuel cell ensures a stable and reliable energy supply, regardless of weather conditions and site accessibility.
  2. Propane operation: The use of propane as a fuel allows for a cost-effective and widely available energy source without the risk of freezing or oil changes that would be the case with traditional alternatives.
  3. Long maintenance intervals: The highly efficient Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) of the Sunfire-Remote 400 enable maintenance intervals of up to 10,000 operating hours, which significantly reduces operating costs and maintenance effort.
  4. Support from the Federal Ministry: Das Projekt wird im Rahmen des Renewable Energy Solutions Programms der German Energy Solutions Initiative vom deutschen Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz unterstützt, was die Bedeutung und Innovationskraft des Vorhabens unterstreicht.



The successful implementation of the Sunfire Remote 400 fuel cell generator on the remote mountaintop in the Rocky Mountains not only provides a reliable power supply for the radio station, but also makes an important contribution to reducing emissions and using renewable energy. The project serves as a pioneering example of the application of fuel cell technology in remote and challenging environments.

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Sunfire Festoxidbrennstoffzelle - Rocky Mountain Berggipfel
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