Safe power supply for music festival lighting


3 000 Grad Festival



Rhythm and timing are the keys to success at any music festival. However, the noise from loud motor generators can disrupt both. Sunfire-Remote provides a reliable and environmentally friendly alternative.


Rhythm and tact are the success factors of any music festival. However, both can easily be disturbed by loud motor generators. Sunfire-Remote offers a serious alternative that is not only more environmentally friendly, but also improves the festival experience.


For festival-goers who want to enjoy the feeling of freedom but are also environmentally conscious, Sunfire-Remote provided power for a floodlight pole. This allowed visitors to find their way even in the dark and contributed to the sustainability of the festival.


The challenge of ensuring a trouble-free and clean power supply for the lighting of the tent area and washrooms was successfully met. The advantages of the solution are:

  1. Quiet and clean operation: Im Gegensatz zu lauten Motor-Generatoren bietet Sunfire-Remote eine ruhige und umweltfreundliche Energiequelle.
  2. Operation with Bio LPG: Die Verwendung von Bio-LPG als Brennstoff trägt zur Reduzierung der CO₂-Emissionen bei und unterstützt einen nachhaltigen Festivalansatz.


Learn more about how Sunfire-Remote is helping to make music festivals more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Contact us for more information to our solutions for events and festivals.

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