Robust solid oxide fuel cell for critical infrastructure

The advantages of a Sunfire Remote
Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC)



Extended maintenance intervals save time and reduce costs. Our fuel cell runs for up to 10,000 hours without proactive maintenance



The Sunfire Remote fuel cell achieves a record-breaking service life of up to 30,000 hours. The system only needs to be replaced every 3 to 5 years.



Sunfire remote operates at temperatures between -40
and +55 °C. In areas with changing conditions, you can rely on our power generator.



A plug-and-play solution. You will be surprised how easy Sunfire Remote is to transport, install and operate.



Sunfire-Remote is the environmentally friendly alternative to diesel generators. By running on propane or natural gas, you minimize emissions.



Whether in deep snow, on the highest mountains or in the middle of nowhere, Sunfire-Remote reliably supplies off-grid applications with power.

Sunfire-Remote 400

compact and powerful

“We provide simple, clean and reliable solutions for the power supply of off-grid technical infrastructures

– in every corner of the world.”

  • Best in class stack lifetime
  • Diesel replacement
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust under extreme conditions
  • Quiet operation
  • Convenient remote access
  • Top service
  • Made in Germany

Feedback from our customers

Innovative Off-Grid Systems
Sunfire-Remote Powertrailer & Powerbox 1200

High-performance off-grid power supply for energy-intensive projects.

Applications and functions of the
Solid oxide fuel cell

Sunfire-Remote is powered by conventional fuels and supplies power to critical infrastructures around the world. Thanks to simple installation, operation and maintenance, the areas of application are diverse. 

Whether as a backup power supply for telecommunications systems in remote regions, a fast and reliable emergency power supply in the event of a power failure, for monitoring pipeline data (SCADA), for mobile power supply for outdoor events such as festivals and concerts or for use as a continuous power supply for weather stations and environmental monitoring equipment. 

You can rely on us to provide you with a reliable source of energy in these numerous areas of application.


With numerous systems installed worldwide, Sunfire Fuel Cells is a trusted manufacturer in SOFC (Solid Oxide Fuel Cells) technology. Our stacks, the centrepiece of our solid oxide fuel cell devices, operate at temperatures between 750 °C and 850 °C. 

They convert propane and natural gas into electricity and heat.



Are you wondering how you can reliably operate the power supply for your off-grid telecommunications operation?
The challenge of supplying power to a radio or telecommunications station in off-grid areas, such as on a mountain top, is an emotional challenge in many respects.

Imagine working in the midst of breathtaking but remote nature, without access to the public power grid. Every day is accompanied by the certainty that a power cut could interrupt your connection to the outside world.

At such moments, the loneliness of the mountain top becomes particularly palpable, as the power supply is a direct link to communication and safety. This emotional strain emphasises the need for a reliable solution that not only meets the technical requirements, but also offers the reassuring feeling of connection and safety.

Sunfire-Remote fulfils the special requirements and supplies reliable power even in icy regions such as Alaska.

Autonomy for telecommunication operations

Here, you find some projects that we as Sunfire Fuel Cells have already successfully implemented in the telecommunications sector.


Security & Surveillance

Do you want to reliably protect your construction sites, events, wind farms or railway crossings against vandalism and theft?

Imagine your project becoming a victim of vandalism and theft. The frustration and financial losses can be enormous. Reliable power supply systems are indispensable at major events and construction sites.

Whether 360° cameras for anti-theft protection or obstruction lights in the wind power industry - they all require uninterrupted power. This is where Sunfire-Remote comes into play. Our fuel cell generators offer a quiet, remotely controllable, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly alternative to diesel generators. In extreme conditions, our technology is proven to keep your critical systems up and running.

With Sunfire Remote, you get a reliable off-grid power supply without compromising. This allows you to concentrate on what really matters: the smooth running of your project and the security of your investment.

Security for critical infrastructures

Here, you find some projects that we as Sunfire Fuel Cells have already successfully implemented in the field of safety.



How can you ensure that your SCADA systems have a reliable power supply even in remote areas?
Imagine you are responsible for supplying power to a vast pipeline in a remote, extreme environment. The challenges are immense: vast areas, extreme temperatures ranging from freezing cold to scorching hot and the need to prevent corrosion on gas pipelines. This is no easy endeavour.

But Sunfire Remote provides relief. Our innovative fuel cell generators are designed to bring autonomy to these off-grid pipeline infrastructures to supply your SCADA systems with sufficient power.

With amazing maintenance intervals of 10,000 hours and the option of remote monitoring, we offer innovative solutions. The use of autonomous drone systems also plays a key role in avoiding expensive and environmentally damaging aircraft missions for inspections, for example.

Reliable power supply for pipelines

Here, you find some projects that we at Sunfire Fuel Cells in the field of oil and gas that we as Sunfire Fuel Cells have already successfully implemented.


Environment & Meteorology

How can you meet the challenge of operating environmental monitoring and meteorological technology in remote areas, whether for research purposes or environmental protection?

Imagine you are faced with the challenge of conducting environmental monitoring and meteorological engineering in remote areas. Perhaps you are a researcher investigating the secrets of the weather or an environmentalist monitoring nature.

In this remote world, where conventional power supplies often fail, you are entering an unknown landscape. But there is a solution, a reliable technology that provides you with the power you need, whether for LiDAR, solar, radar or the operation of mountain huts and temporary buildings.

The quiet operation of the Sunfire Remote fuel cell allows you to realise your project autonomously over the long term without any negative impact on the environment.

What infrastructure do you want to power?

Our experts are happy to share their many years of experience with you

News & Article

Sunfire Fuel Cells - Primagas

Sunfire-Remote proven suitable for sustainable telecommunications infrastructure in a field test

Immer mehr Betreiber von Off-Grid-Anwendungen bevorzugen Brennstoffzellen gegenüber herkömmlichen Dieselgeneratoren. Sunfire-Remote hat nun gezeigt, dass die CO₂-Emissionen im Vergleich zu Dieselmotoren nicht nur auf ein Viertel reduziert werden können, sondern, beim Betrieb mit Bio-LPG sogar weitere 90 % eingespart werden können. Die Telekommunikationsbranche ist in hohem Maße auf jederzeit einwandfreie Infrastrukturen angewiesen. Auch netzferne Systeme wie Funkumsetzer müssen kontinuierlich mit Strom versorgt werden. Auf der Suche nach zeitgemäßen Lösungen achtet die Industrie neben Zuverlässigkeit und Wartungsaufwand auch auf den Klimaschutz. Brennstoffzellen sind

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Sunfire-Remote wins the Network Sustainability Award 2021

Im Rahmen des Wettbewerbs überzeugte Sunfire-Remote mit einer sauberen Stromlösung für Off-Grid-Anwendungen. Die Sunfire Fuel Cells GmbH (Sunfire) wird das Preisgeld verwenden, um einen Brennstoffzellen-Generator an eine Organisation zu spenden, die eine nachhaltige Energiequelle benötigt, und bittet nun um Vorschläge. Im Frühjahr hatte die Deutsche Telekom gemeinsam mit ihren Partnern Microsoft, Orange, SK telecom sowie der Solar Impulse Foundation einen internationalen Wettbewerb ausgeschrieben, um die umweltfreundlichste und zuverlässigste Energietechnologie zu küren. Auf dem Telekom Tech Grounds gab der führende deutsche Telekommunikationsanbieter

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