Powerful off-grid power supply - rent or buy a fuel cell generator now!

In remote areas without a public power grid, how can a reliable power supply be ensured?

In Off-Grid-applications where there is no connection to the public power grid, ensuring a reliable power supply is a major challenge. Power supply of the utmost importance.

At Sunfire Fuel Cells, we understand the emotional significance of this issue.

We have therefore Sunfire-Remote Powertrailer 1200 as a pendant and the fixed Sunfire-Remote Powerbox 1200 with 1.2kW peak load, as All-in-one solution developed.

These innovative SOFC fuel cell generators have been specifically designed to reliably fulfil challenging power requirements even in remote areas.

Whether für Wind farm constructions or for stationäre and mobile Applications such as monitoring and measuring systems, outdoor events, construction sites and telecommunications systems - Sunfire Fuel Cells offers customised solutions.

The flexibility of our offerings goes beyond the technology. Our SOFC fuel cell generators can Depending on the customer's wishes or the requirements of the project, either can be rented or bought.

This enables us to find the ideal solution for your specific needs while taking your budget into account.

Sunfire-Remote Powerbox 1200 mit integriertem Brennstoffzellengenerator
Sunfire-Remote Powerbox 1200 - integrated fuel cell generator

Optimum fuel selection for operating the fuel cell generator

Why is propane particularly suitable for operating a fuel cell in off-grid areas?

  • Clean fuel that contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions
  • High energy density, resulting in efficient and powerful power generation in the fuel cell
  • Propane is readily available and can be purchased at the nearest petrol station
  • The use of propane in fuel cells enables long-lasting and reliable power generation, which is essential for an uninterruptible power supply
  • Propane is stable and easy to handle, making transport safer and more cost-effective compared to other fuels

Is it possible to access the fuel cell system remotely?

With our remote-controlled monitoring, management and optimisation system we recognise potential problems at an early stage and solve them quickly using a tried and tested warning system. You can therefore rest assured that your power supply is guaranteed without interruption.

All-in-one solutions

Powertrailer & Powerbox 1200

Design of the compact

Our all-in-one solutions, the Powertrailer and the Powerbox 1200 with integrated fuel cell generator, offer you a comprehensive power supply for your off-grid applications. These systems combine photovoltaics, fuel cells, liquid gas (propane), batteries, power electronics and remote access/monitoring in one compact package.

With a maximum continuous output of 350 watts and a peak output of 1.2 kW (230 V), they are capable of meeting even the most demanding power needs. Cylinder changes are extremely efficient and, depending on the load, need to be performed every 1 to 2 months (at partial load in summer) or after 3 weeks (at full load in winter)

A major advantage of our solutions is their maintenance-free operation, which guarantees you worry-free use for at least a year. In addition, we offer the option of an individual long-term rental tailored specifically to your application requirements. Let us know how we can successfully support your off-grid fuel cell project. 

We will be happy to create a customized offer for you.

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Don't wait any longer and get the innovative technology of the Sunfire Remote Powerbox 1200 and Sunfire Remote Powertrailer 1200. Contact us now and let our experts Marcel Dee provide you with the best advice!


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