Robust fuel cell technology for critical infrastructure



Longer maintenance intervals save you time and reduce your costs. Sunfire-Remote runs up to 10,000 hours without proactive maintenance.


Sunfire fuel cells achieve a record-breaking runtime of up to 30,000 hours. The system only needs to be changed every 3 to 5 years.


Sunfire remote operates at temperatures between -40
and +55 °C. In areas with changing conditions, you can rely on our power generator.


A plug-and-play solution. You will be surprised how easy Sunfire Remote is to transport, install and operate.


Sunfire-Remote is the environmentally friendly alternative to diesel generators. By running on propane or natural gas, you minimize emissions.


Whether in deep snow, on the highest mountains or in the middle of nowhere, Sunfire-Remote reliably supplies off-grid applications with power.

The right generator for your project

Sunfire-Remote 400

compact and powerful

The Sunfire Remote 400 fuel cell is an efficient, reliable and versatile solution for off-grid power systems. It operates as a stand-alone power source or in combination with photovoltaic systems, providing up to 350 watts of power. It can also be used in hybrid power systems consisting of different energy sources such as solar, wind or batteries. When combined with a photovoltaic system, it can achieve an output of 2 to 3 kilowatts, easily supporting energy-intensive off-grid applications such as telecommunication towers, surveillance cameras or satellite systems. The fuel cell is robust and reliable in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +55 degrees Celsius. In short, the Sunfire Remote 400 fuel cell is the ideal choice for stable and reliable power supply in off-grid applications.

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The power generators for short or long term rental

Our experts are happy to share their many years of experience with you

Practical application cases

Sunfire-Remote is powered by conventional fuels and supplies power to critical infrastructures around the world. Thanks to simple installation, operation and maintenance, the areas of application are diverse. 

With many systems installed, Sunfire Fuel Cells is a world leader in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) technology. Our stacks, the heart of our fuel cell equipment, operate at temperatures between 750 °C and 850 °C. They convert propane and natural gas into electricity and heat. Please have a look at our technology in comparison to other solutions in the overview Sunfire-Remote compared.


Sunfire-Remote meets the special requirements in hard-to-reach areas. The system offers a perfect tandem with photovoltaic systems. In summer, solar energy can be used, while fuel cells reliably maintain operation in the dark winter months. Such a hybrid application is sustainable and extends maintenance intervals.

Autonomy for telecommunication operations

Here, you find some projects that we as Sunfire Fuel Cells have already successfully implemented in the telecommunications sector.


With the space-saving power generator, time-consuming maintenance work, which may even lead to costly road closures, can be avoided. Sunfire-Remote is ideal for security infrastructures and reliably supplies critical systems such as stationary speed cameras, surveillance cameras or lighting with off-grid power.

Security for critical infrastructures

Here, you find some projects that we as Sunfire Fuel Cells have already successfully implemented in the field of safety.


Areas crisscrossed by pipelines can be vast in size. With maintenance intervals of 10,000 hours and remote monitoring options, Sunfire-Remote brings autonomy to off-grid pipeline infrastructures. These innovative devices reliably deliver power at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +55°C, protecting gas pipelines from corrosion.

Reliable power supply for pipelines

Here, you find some projects that we at Sunfire Fuel Cells in the field of oil and gas that we as Sunfire Fuel Cells have already successfully implemented.

Further applications

Off-grid power is not always about sensitive infrastructure. Sunfire-Remote is the perfect solution for many different applications: Environmental monitoring, meteorology technology (lidar, solar, radar), mountain huts or temporary buildings, drones (charging stations, detection, monitoring).

What infrastructure do you want to power?

Our experts are happy to share their many years of experience with you


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